AP S Sidhu, M.D. Lincoln-Reagan Dinner Speech

AP S Sidhu, M.D. Lincoln-Reagan Dinner Speech
Friday, February 12, 2010

Good evening.  First, I want to thank all of you being here tonight.  Second, I would like to thank Don Watnick, Cheryl Storer, Susan Abbott, Audrey Redmond, Sandra Lakeman, Ann Mach, Norma Burdick and all the volunteers for organizing this event.
Last year, I announced that we shall engage in every corner of this county to build momentum in our local party. These efforts have been very successful in that we now have strong candidates in every district.
I am now declaring that we shall sharpen our focus to do what we were elected by the people to do-----To ELECT MORE REPUBLICANS BY Getting Out The Vote efforts and by Registering More Republicans.
We need your support to continue our paid voter registration program. This is a critical priority.
We cannot allow the battle to be against ourselves through internal bickering and fighting.  Obviously, a house divided can't stand. We must focus on this next election cycle and draw together with one solid and definite purpose: To win elections this November, come hell or high water.
We need new and energetic Republican men and women on the central committee and on the other Republican Party affiliated groups.
IN our Fresno County, WE are a diversified community very rich with many cultures and Religions. That is our strength.
To paraphrase President Reagan who said that Hispanics with their strong family values are Republicans--they just do not know it yet. I submit that most of recent immigrants are Republicans--they just do not know it yet.
  So I challenge all of you to find those men and women and educate and persuade them to run for the elected office or central committee, so they can become a part of American Politics within the Republican Party.
If any of you are interested in running, draw the papers next week from the county election office and run in your supervisorial district. You can always call me personally if you need any help.

     The US Senate victory in Massachusetts by Scott Brown has shown that victory is ours when we focus on the right issues that concern every citizen. The national mood is screaming for change they can believe in and trust.  We have very strong candidates locally for the 19th and 20th Congressional Districts, the 16th Senate District and in the 29th, 30th and 31st Assembly Districts.  These are candidates that provide character, wisdom and backbone. They will stand tall among so many in leadership that have given into the political winds of compromise. It is not an easy task, as California is not friendly to conservatives. But, neither was Massachusetts!
The 20th District is a great opportunity for us to increase our numbers in congress and protect our water supply for our communities.
If we are unified and motivated to support our candidates in the coming months, we will see the Change WE can believe in and trust.  But, this will only happen if we unify our message and stand firm on our principles.
The future is OURS. The opportunity is NOW and the timing is RIGHT for us to step up and meet the challenge. What is our alternative? If we do not accept the challenge presented by this opportunity, then our future is Socialism. This is a real threat and is not overstated.
We must remain focused not on our divisions, but on our goals and strengths. If a ship is sinking, the people on board don't focus on the color of the dining room carpet. They look to the life boats and help each other to get on board. We face the same challenge today. Our country, led by our own state's fiscal irresponsibility, is facing financial collapse. We can focus on the carpet in the dining room or we can focus on the life boats.

We saw this in Massachusetts where independent voters saw the need to stop focusing on party affiliation and voted for ideas and against the massive power grab by this Liberal congress.  Remember this: When the sea is the stormiest, the navigation should be the surest.   
I say it again…The future is OURS.  The opportunity is NOW and the timing is RIGHT for us to step up and meet the challenge.
We are the people that can steer this ship. We are the people with the right ideas for a country drawn in the wrong direction. It is not about party affiliation. It is about fixing the problems and finding the solutions and protecting our liberty and freedom.

     I say it again…The future is OURS. The opportunity is NOW and the timing is RIGHT, for us to step up to the challenge.

It has been a pleasure to have served this year as the Chairman of the Fresno County Republican Party. Together and united, we provide leadership. Focused and energetic we are a rock. Let's remember this as we move into this transformational election this fall.

The future is OURS. The opportunity is NOW and the timing is RIGHT, for us to step up to the challenge