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Your Republican Party of Fresno County!

The Republican Party of Fresno County is the official Republican organization in Fresno County. We're proud to be Fresno's County's majority party.

The Republican Party meets monthly. Meetings are open to all Republican activists, donors, candidates and volunteers.

Strategic Plan for The Republican Party of Fresno County

Maximizing our opportunities for victory requires a strong candidate, a strong candidate campaign, and a strong and effective Republican Party focused on its role as a campaign organization.  When the Republican Party fulfills its campaign responsibilities, it will bring victory closer for all of its candidates across the county.
The Role of the Republican Party

Under this approach, the Republican Party is properly recognized as a membership organization.  The party’s primary responsibilities are to expand the size of the organization through voter registration, persuade members to vote for the candidates endorsed and nominated by the party, and maximize the rate at which they turn out in the general election.  To execute these programs, we have to enlist the support of a large base of volunteers and donors.

The Role of Republican Candidates

The Republican Party delivers the largest block of Republican voters, while candidates are responsible for the segment of voters from where Republican registration wins, to the plurality they need.

The Republican Party’s Mission

Our county Republican committee’s mission is to put Republican principles and ideas into action by nominating, endorsing and electing Republican candidates who share these principles and will govern accordingly.  In short, our approach is to register more Republican voters, get them to vote, get them to vote for our candidates, and assemble the resources necessary to get the job done.

Responsibilities of Fresno County Republican Committee

California law defines the role of the Republican Central Committee “to conduct the Republican campaign” in the county.  That is, to carry out the programs we determine critical to accomplishing our mission of endorsing and electing Republican candidates.

Responsibilities of Fresno County Committee members

Committee members are elected specifically to conduct the Republican campaign.  That is, to actively participate in the execution of the operations and programs of the county Republican Party.

We are neither a lobbying organization nor a government body.  Our effectiveness is measured purely by our success or failure in conducting our programs.  How many Republicans registered?  How many candidates endorsed?  How many candidates elected?  How many members informed and persuaded to vote for our candidates?  How many of our members persuaded to turn out and vote?  How many volunteers recruited?  How much money raised to support our operations and programs?


Your Members of the Republican Central Committee of Fresno County for 2007-2008:

2009-2010 Executive Committee:

Don Watnick                            Chairman
Audrey Redmond                   1st Vice Chairman
Dan Malone                               2nd Vice Chairman
Susan Abbott                            Secretary
Charlie Waters                         Treasurer
Dr. Marta Obler, M.D.          Member at Large
Preston Little                           Member at Large

District 1--3 Elected Positions
M- Jared Gordon (Appointed)
M- Elaine Long
M- Marian Mosley
A- Angie Sears

District 2--7 Elected Positions
M- Susan Abbott
M- Dan Malone
M- Paul Dictos
A- Ann Mach
M- Andre Minuth
A- Jesse Sanchez
M- Marta Obler
A- Carol Cummins
M- Don Watnick
A- Ed Streichman
M- Stuart Weil
A- Doug Halderman

District 3--2 Elected Positions
M- Richard Wahl

District 4--4 Elected Positions
M- Preston Little (Appointed)
M- Tim Heinrichs
M- Cliff Unruh
M- Melody Unruh

District 5--7 Elected Positions
M- Gwen Hansen
A- Linda Branam
M- Mark Johnson
A- Doug Foster
M- Marge Orender
A- Bob Hume
M- Audrey Redmond
A- Charlie Waters
M- AP S Sidhu
A- Roger Sunner
M- Fred Vanderhoof
A- Alex Ott
M- Vong Mouanoutoua
A- Cheryl Storer

M- George Radanovich
A- Darren Rose
M- Devin Nunes
A- Anthony Ratekin
M- Danny Gilmore
A- Mark Dalos
M- Bill Jones
A- Bryan Forrest
M- Dave Cogdill
A- MaryAlice Kaloostian
M- Mike Villines
A- Ken May
M- John Kanno
A- Peter Fear
M- Jim Lopez
A- Joe DeLos Santos
M- Cliff Archer
A- Susan Klassen

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